Waste management

Do you have trouble finding the solution to your waste?

Do you spend a lot of time looking for the solution to your waste?

Manage your waste easily

Do you pay a lot for the management of your waste?

Manage your waste easily

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    Do you have the best manager for your waste?


  Quickly locate the best recycler or waste manager.   Contact recyclers of total confidence. We only publish guaranteed services.


Promote your waste and locate new recycling solutions.

Manager or recycler!


Do you want us to help you find customers?


  Promote and give visibility to your offer of management or recycling services by type of waste or product.  


Boost your presence in digital media.  


Save costs in marketing services and products.  


Increase customer base

Do you want to know the current value of your waste? 

You are up to date on the price of waste!


  Be aware of the value of the waste you generate, classify judiciously and make the best decisions at the right time.

EasyWaste (FREE)
Download the App without registration
Contact the manager or recycler directly
Locate management or recycling points and sell or recycle your waste.
Forward offers information to your contacts
EasyWaste (PRO)
Promote your products or services in the app
Make discounts and promotions of products or services
It is up to date with the evolution of waste prices with economic value.
Share information with your customers


Waste management.  


We take care of locating and selecting the best management or recycling option for your waste.
Promotion of waste management services and recycled products.


We give visibility to the best offers and management services.

We promote the location of recycling centers.  


If you want to facilitate the arrival of producers to your center we show your location
Service for updating waste prices with economic value.


We adapt service by type of activity: construction, industry, services, waste treatment, etc.

Our waste categories

Plastics (PET, HDPE, PP, PE). Post consumer and industrial.

Construction waste and recycled aggregates

Dangerous residues

Paper and paperboard

Iron scrap

Metals (copper, aluminum, stainless, brass).

Electrical and electronic devices

Vehicles out of use

Used engine oil

Tires out of use

Wood, pruning and compost

Post-consumer and industrial textile